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General Counsel

If you already have a business up and running, but find yourself needing routine legal business services, I’m here to help as your General Counsel.  With my previous experience as an in-house attorney, I know the dynamic legal demands modern businesses face, and I know how to quickly and efficiently handle those demands.  One call or e-mail and I can go right to work with whatever challenge your business is facing.  And your business will always be my primary concern. I will be there to provide guidance and advice on legal issues that may not have even crossed your mind.  As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Why Do I Need a General Counsel?

Business face legal needs large and small more often than we’d like to think.  As those needs grow to a point where your business needs more frequent contact with an attorney, your business would be well-served by my services as General Counsel. I approach your business’s needs with the same dedication that an employee would.  But since I operate independently, your business can save substantially, either by committing to a long term arrangement or using a pay-as-you-go model.  Either way, your business gets experienced representation at a lower cost than hiring a big law firm or an in-house General Counsel.

Service Agreements

If your business just got a lead on long-term new business, you may need a master Service Agreement.  That could be a demand of the client, or an internal requirement to best protect your business.  And maybe you need to bring a new vendor on board to help meet the needs of the new client.  Once again, you need to draft and negotiate another service agreement.  As your General Counsel, I can immediately start work on a new service agreement.

Confidentiality Agreements/Non-Disclosure Agreements

Every company has moments where it needs Confidentiality Agreements.  Maybe you have sensitive internal data.  Or perhaps you handle the sensitive data of clients.  So you may want Confidentiality Agreements for your own protection.  Or you may be required by clients or vendors to have Confidentiality Agreements in place for your employees.  As your General Counsel, I can tailor Confidentiality Agreements to your specific needs.  And develop them as those needs evolve.

Consulting Agreements

As your business grows, so do your employment needs.  If a short term project needs additional manpower, you may need consultants to meet that demand.  Consultants have different contractual needs than employees, and I have experience with dealing with those needs.  So I will be there to draft a Consulting Agreement that lets you bring them on board as soon as you need.

Business Lawsuits

Nobody ever wants to be sued, but it can and does happen.  Let me be the front line in any lawsuits your company may face.  As General Counsel, I can respond immediately to a lawsuit and get to work with the best, most relevant litigators to provide your business with a robust defense.  From early settlement to pursuing a case to a final judgment at trial, I’ve seen and dealt with it all.

Policies and Procedures

Your business has its own internal policies and procedures.  As those evolve, I’m there as General Counsel to review them to make sure they’re best filling the needs of your business.  For example, you may need to draft or update your employee handbook.  Or perhaps you need to review your policies to ensure they’re doing what you want them to do.  That’s all part of what I’m there to help with as General Counsel.

Attorney Letters

Sometimes businesses have those moments where they just need to send a letter to get their point across.  A letter from your General Counsel.  It could be a cease and desist letter.  Or an internal memo about updated company policies.  Perhaps a letter requesting payment.  So for those moments where you need a letter with authority, I’m there to send off whatever you may need.  And I’m there to consult with to determine when we need to send a letter in the first place.